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A confused maintenance professional about present available digital solutions

Digital transformation in industrial maintenance and reliability

  1. Are you an asset-intensive industrial or a maintenance & reliability service provider seeking to implement or complement your existing EAM or CMMS with additional solutions or apps to enhance asset performance? Feeling overwhelmed by the choices and unsure whether to buy off-the-shelf or develop your own? Need guidance on what's most convenient for your business?

  2. Do you see the potential of digital tools to transform your maintenance performance and need help unlocking that potential and proving the real ROI?

  3. Do you feel the pressure to navigate the complex world of digital tools for maintenance and reliability? Facing challenges like change management, training, and data ownership? Unsure how to quickly develop and implement a strategy, or where to start with existing tools and providers?

  4. Looking for a skilled partner to guide you through the digital transformation in maintenance? Need someone who understands both the digital tools and your specific maintenance needs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ADDAPTIVE Tech by Intelloop is here for you. We offer tailored solutions to navigate the challenges of digital transformation, helping you apply the right tools for your unique maintenance and reliability goals.

embarrassment of choice in solutions, methodologies and maintenance strategies

Understanding ADDAPTIVE Tech

Digital transformation is reshaping the world of business, and maintenance management is at the forefront, enhancing asset dependability while reducing maintenance frequency. This complex shift involves identifying key stakeholder requirements, selecting critical asset information, and determining the necessary data forms, including details about assets, activities performed, financial impacts, safety incidents, and future expectations. It requires a deep analysis of existing plans, adaptation to new technologies, and strategic implementation of methods like Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) while tackling hurdles in change management and data governance. A more balanced and strategic view is needed, focusing on business priorities, project evaluation, and life cycle extension.

ADDAPTIVE Tech by Intelloop offers a strategic pathway to navigate this transformation. Our proprietary framework consists of nine steps, each with a clear objective, deliverables, and KPIs that we use to measure progress and adaptable to your specific scenario. Recognizing the complexity of the digital shift, we provide a safe and methodical approach to digitalization in maintenance, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the key managerial areas that can be digitally supported.

ADDAPTIVE Tech Process Flow

Curious about how we start the journey? Let's explore the first step!

Assess & Align



Evaluate the organization's current technological landscape and readiness for digital transformation in maintenance management. Align teams around a common vision and goal for enhancing asset performance through digital tools.


  • Assess the existing systems, including CMMS, EAM, and Reliability management systems, to understand the current state of digital integration.

  • Evaluate the team's proficiency in digital tools and technologies.

  • Identify challenges such as change management, training, data quality and ownership, and analytical capacities.

  • Align the organization around a common vision for digital transformation, recognizing the complexity and methodical approach required.


Tools and Models*:

  • Digital Maintenance Maturity Model

  • Maintenance Excellence Pyramid with a focus on digital capabilities

  • SWOT, PEST analysis for digital readiness

  • Gap analysis, heat maps, and other tools for digital transformation



  • A digital maintenance maturity assessment report

  • A vision statement for digital maintenance excellence

  • A concise roadmap for digital transformation in maintenance and reliability processes



  • Alignment with Business Objectives: Percentage of alignment between the digital transformation goals and overall business objectives

  • Stakeholder Engagement Rate: Percentage of key stakeholders engaged and aligned with the digital transformation vision

  • Gap Identification Rate: Percentage of identified gaps in current digital tools and strategies, compared to the desired future state

  • ROI Projections: Preliminary Return on Investment (ROI) projections for the digital transformation, providing an early indication of potential financial benefits

  • Employee Readiness Level: Average score or rating of employee readiness and willingness to adopt new digital tools.


This step provides a baseline for the current digital situation and a direction for the future state. It helps to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your maintenance and reliability processes in the context of digital transformation. It also creates a sense of urgency and buy-in among your teams for the transformation, recognizing the potential impact of new technologies and tools in maintenance.

The insights gained in the "Assess & Align" lay the groundwork for next step, "Diagnose and Define" where your asset management is compared to industry standards, gaps are identified, and clear targets for improvement are set, culminating in a detailed roadmap for digital transformation.

*The Tools, Deliverables, and KPIs are tailored to align with customer-specific needs and goals, ensuring a personalized approach that resonates with your unique business landscape.

Ready to take the next step?Contact Us to learn more about how ADDAPTIVE Tech can help youtransform your maintenance and reliability processes.

Who can benefit from ADDAPTIVE Tech services?

Whether you're :

  • Asset-Intensive Industries: Organizations looking to leverage digital tools for better physical asset performance. 

  • Maintenance & Reliability Service Providers: Service providers aiming to use digital tools to improve maintenance practices and provide unmatched services for their clients.

  • Businesses with Digital Challenges: Companies struggling to achieve the desired outcomes and value with existing digital tools in maintenance and reliability, in need of expert solutions and guidance to optimize performance

  • Tech-Forward Startups: Emerging businesses aiming to establish optimized maintenance practices from the outset.

We are here to assist You.

ADDAPTIV Tech Services: Tailored to structure your maintenance and reliability digital transformation journey, our services align each step with your unique needs and broader business objectives. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your existing processes, Intelloop is your partner in success.

Why choose INTELLOOP?

  1. Adaptive Approach: Tailors a strategic pathway to your unique needs, recognizing the complexity of digital transformation in maintenance and reliability.

  2. Value-Centric with Measurable KPIs: Focuses on value creation and alignment with business objectives, using clear and measurable performance indicators.

  3. Expert Insight and Human-Centered: Combines industry expertise with a human-focused approach, guiding you through every phase of transformation.

  4. Technology and Tools Agnostic: Offers unbiased guidance in selecting and implementing the best digital tools, without being tied to specific technologies.

  5. Transparent Methodology: Openly shares our approach and methodology, ensuring you understand every step of the process.

  6. Comprehensive Support: Provides tailored solutions, workforce transformation, project excellence, and ongoing post-project support.

ADDAPTIVE Tech by Intelloop is your strategic partner in digital transformation. We focus on strategic implementation of digital tools to enhance maintenance and reliability, with a human-centered approach that emphasizes buy-in, communication, and support. Our commitment to your success blends traditional maintenance practices with advanced technologies for a future-proof operation. Let us guide you to excellence in digital maintenance and reliability.

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