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Our vision is to become a leader in assets launch, maintenance and reliability excellence for manufacturing industrials in Morocco. We strive to shift the perception of industrial maintenance from a cost-center into a future-proof value-driver. With the leadership of adept and empowered teams, we aim to deliver unmatched operational efficiency.



We help our clients optimize their asset life cycle, from acquisition to digital transformation. Our mission is to enable asset-intensive manufacturers to achieve their operational business goals, empowering teams with innovative tools and knowledge, and building lasting partnerships for sustainable operations.

Our Approach

 Intelloop’s approach encompasses the entire asset life cycle. We assess each client’s current state and needs, and provide tailored solutions that include acquiring and launching assets, refining maintenance and reliability processes, and creating digitally future-proof solutions. Leveraging our unique ADAPT trilogy services, we ensure sustainable outcomes that align with each client’s unique needs. 

We are committed to delivering high-quality management consultancy services that follow the guidelines of ISO 207001, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the consultancy process.

Our Values: Shaping our services


We understand each partner’s unique maintenance and reliability needs. We adapt to create tailored solutions that fit your specific operational requirements.


We are committed to your success. We work with you as partners, sharing project ownership. We strive tirelessly for your success, making your objectives our own.


We hold ourselves accountable for your success. We respond promptly and act responsibly to achieve your goals beyond expectations.


At Intelloop, people come first. We trust in motivated and empowered teams to drive change and performance. We create environments that boost collective abilities and growth, making your maintenance and reliability operations excel.


At Intelloop, trust is our cornerstone. We foster transparent communication and honest partnerships, laying the groundwork for lasting success and mutual growth

Building Our Team

At Intelloop, we are in the early stages of assembling a diverse team of innovators who will bring together a wealth of talents, experiences, and personalities from around the industrial landscape. This rich diversity will be key to our ability to solve complex problems and redefine operational excellence for our clients.

Inclusion and empowerment form the bedrock of our workplace culture. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to embrace challenging opportunities and contribute to Intelloop's growth and success.

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