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Your Foundation for Operational Excellence

We perceive "Operational Excellence Foundation" as a key preliminary phase of any industrial project, be it launching a new facility, acquiring or transferring assets.

This foundation is about strategically aligning asset reliability, maintainability, and sustainability with your business goals while respecting project constraints - time, cost, and quality. It's the groundwork that guides your initial steps, ensures your assets' integrity, and optimizes long-term performance.

Understanding ADAPT Launch

ADAPT Launch: ADAPT'L (Assess,Derive-Data,Align,Plan,Train-Test,Launch), developed by Intelloop, is a six-stage process specifically tailored to support manufacturing businesses in Morocco intending to launch or expand their operations. Our approach delivers a systematic, efficient approach to project initiation, planning, execution, and commissioning, with a keen emphasis on the long-term reliability, maintainability, and sustainability of your operations.



In the initial Assess phase, we thoroughly analyze your current or planned operations to align with your goals. This phase encompasses project evaluation and decision support, focusing on feasibility and strategic alignment, along with the reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety of your assets.



we strategize and establish the groundwork for your project with robust contractual tools and risk management plans. We assist in meticulously selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts, and conducting stringent quality insurance plan. These plans are designed to ensure your project adheres to schedule, budget, and embodies the principles of reliability, maintainability, and sustainability.


Derive Data

We sieve through the results of the audit, extracting the essence of raw data to shape actionable strategies that enhance your operational blueprint. Integral to this phase is the life cycle cost analysis, which allows us to predict the comprehensive cost of asset ownership and operation throughout its lifespan, thereby streamlining decision-making and strategy formulation.



We ensure your maintenance team is well-trained by the asset provider, and that all asset documentation is complete and accurate. Concurrently, we validate the alignment of testing protocols with the training Statement of Work (SOW) to confirm operational readiness. This unified approach guarantees that your assets and personnel are primed for excellent performance in the operational environment.



We then tailor your Statement of Work (SOW) to accentuate your key operational needs. We refine your project strategies using insights from the Audit phase, ensuring the principles of reliability, maintainability, and sustainability are firmly embedded in your operational plans. This lays a robust foundation for asset integrity and sustainable growth.



Once testing confirms readiness, we then guide the launch of your operational assets. This step includes the establishment of maintenance and facilities routines, the hiring and contracting of service providers, and diligent follow-ups during the guarantee period.

Who can benefit from ADAPTL services?

  • Manufacturing Companies: Whether you're planning to establish or extend your industrial presence in Morocco, or looking to expand operations, ADAPTL is designed to ensure a flawless launch of your operational assets.​

  • Asset Acquisition and Transfers: If your manufacturing business is in the process of acquiring or transferring key assets, be it machinery or entire plant, ADAPTL can streamline the transition, ensuring the assets' reliability and maintenance are at the forefront.

  • Asset Providers or General Contractors: Can use ADAPTL to understand and meet the operational and maintenance needs of their manufacturing clients more effectively.

  • Manufacturing Startups: ADAPTL is an excellent starting point for startups to incorporate best practices in asset management from the onset.

...we are here to assist.


ADAPTL services are designed to ensure a flawless launch of your operational assets, tailored to your unique requirements with focus on asset integrity.

Why choose ADAPTL services?

Choosing ADAPTL services offers you a strategic partnership with a small, expert consultancy deeply ingrained in the manufacturing industry, within the specific context of the Moroccan industrial landscape.


Our unique attributes are designed to serve the ambitious, forward-thinking customers who value tailored solutions, rapid responses, and effective innovation.

Deep manufacturing Industry Expertise in the Moroccan Context: We bring to the table over 30 years of combined industry experience, uniquely blended with our deep understanding of the Moroccan manufacturing industry. Our focused expertise equips you with practical insights and strategies drawn from real-world experience in the country's maintenance and reliability space.

Personalized Attention: Intelloop embodies the agility of a smaller consultancy firm, ensuring a highly customized approach to match your unique needs. Our ADAPTL services are meticulously tailored to align with your specific objectives, providing maximum value from your investment.

Holistic Perspective: ADAPTL adopts an all-encompassing view of your project, encompassing people, processes, systems, and tools. This comprehensive perspective ensures seamless integration, enhancing your project's success rate while offering swift adaptations to evolving project needs.

Advantages of a Small Firm: Choosing a smaller consultancy like Intelloop means direct access to senior experts, higher commitment, rapid response times, and greater flexibility. It's a partnership where you're always a priority.

Ideal for Progressive Customers: We aim to serve clients who appreciate innovative, agile, and efficient operations. If you prioritize such qualities in your business, our ADAPTL services will align perfectly with your ethos.

Choose ADAPTL services for a strategic, tailored, and comprehensive approach to operational asset management. Embrace the benefits of working with a nimble, agile, and expert team, especially attuned to the dynamics of the Moroccan manufacturing industry. Together, we can champion the future of operational excellence.

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