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About Us

Welcome to Intelloop, a Morocco-based management consultancy specializing in asset project launch, industrial maintenance, and reliability.


We understand the fundamental value of your assets from the ground up. We help you maximize asset performance and adapt to the dynamic industrial landscape, ensuring operational excellence and sustainable growth from the initial project launch through to ongoing maintenance and reliability.

At Intelloop, We don’t just adapt to change, we drive it. Leveraging our deep knowledge and extensive experience, we design tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs and aspirations. We implement the best practices of reliability and maintenance, combined with strategic asset launch initiatives, to boost your efficiency and competitiveness.

Experience our tailored solutions, rooted in the principles of reliability, maintenance, and effective asset project launch.



With Intelloop, you are ready for success, today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Our Services

Our ADAPT Trilogy: Three Services for Three Challenges

We offer you three main services that form a structured, adaptable roadmap to optimal asset performance and reliability.

Each set of services in our ADAPT Trilogy is designed to tackle a specific set of challenges that affect your physical asset performance:

ADAPT Launch: We lay a robust foundation for your asset, aligning your requirements and expectations with industry best practices, to optimize your operations from start by helping you balancing masterfully the project triple constraint with the asset sustainability in mind.

ADAPTIVE Xcel: We help You maximize your asset’s value by optimizing the triple bottom line of maintenance: availability, performance, and cost (or reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency).  We use iterative cycles of data-driven improvement and innovation to enhance the resilience and efficiency of your maintenance and reliability strategies.

ADDAPTIVE TechWe future-proof your asset by helping you select and implement the best technological solutions for your maintenance organization, balancing desirability, feasibility, and viability. Then, we manage the project from SOW establishment, vendor selection to implementation, ensuring a seamless shift to tech-driven excellence.

This three-step journey is designed to adapt and evolve with your industrial needs, providing continuous support from launch to excellence and beyond.

Asset Launching and Operational Readiness Services
Your Foundation for Operational Excellence

You are:

Organization ready to grow - whether you’re aiming to establish or expand your industrial presence in Morocco, acquire or transfer new assets, or a manufacturing startup set for growth.



Help companies thrive in Morocco's industrial sector by expertly launching and expanding their operations, covering sites, machinery, and processes. Our team blends in-depth local knowledge with top-notch project management and maintenance expertise, ensuring your assets are effectively set up for success


Effective setup is key to industrial success. Our deep expertise ensures your assets - from sites to equipment - are robustly established in Morocco, paving the way for seamless operations and sustainable growth


Maintenance & Reliability Operational Excellence Services

Your Pillars of Maintenance and Reliability Excellence

You are:

Manufacturing plants, maintenance & facilities service providers, or other organizations committed to enhancing the value and efficiency of your or your customer physical assets.


In a landscape where industries grow increasingly asset-heavy and machinery more complex, Industry 4.0 adds complexity. Success hinges on top-tier maintenance and reliable equipment. Our deep expertise and tailored strategies optimize and sustain your processes, turning physical assets into key business assets



Offer a versatile and technology-agnostic framework that molds to your unique needs. We drive operational excellence in maintenance and reliability, with a focus on transparency, empowerment, innovation, and cost-effective solutions.


 Maintenance & Reliability Digital Enhancement Services

Your Pathway to a Digitally Empowered Maintenance Future

You are:

An asset-intensive industrial or maintenance & reliability service provider seeking to enhance performance through digital tools.



Offer tailored solutions, aligning technology with your specific maintenance and reliability needs.


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, we believe in empowering your operations with the right tools and expertise, ensuring efficiency, safety, and value.

Your success in the digital age requires a partner who understands both the power of digital transformation and the intricacies of maintenance processes.

Why Intelloop

Whether you need to build, acquire, optimize, or transform your physical assets, Intelloop is here to help you achieve your goals.We offer you the following advantages:

  • Expertise: Our team of experts has over three decades of combined experience in the asset management industry. We have successfully delivered projects across various sectors, including automotive, where we helped optimize production lines, reduce maintenance costs, and increase asset reliability.

  • Flexibility: We understand that every client has different needs and challenges. That’s why we tailor our solutions to fit your specific situation and objectives.

  • Agility: We are always ready to respond to your requests and feedback with speed and efficiency. We are also proactive in identifying and solving problems before they escalate. We have the ability to adapt to changing needs and market conditions, and to leverage new technologies and opportunities. We are also constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and deliver better results.

  • Personalized attention: We are not a big bureaucracy that treats you like a number. You will get the attention and support of our top experts from day one.

Don’t settle for less than excellence. Contact us today to find out how Intelloop can help you achieve maintenance and reliability excellence.


From reactive to proactive and beyond, consult today.

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Phone: +212 6 30 69 00 50


Address: 410, Boulevard Zerktouni, Hamad, N°1 - Casablanca-20040

RC : 585917

ICE : 003298628000019

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